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We provide the best décor plans that you find suited with regards to your budget plans. Our Services are 

Modular Kitchen

Bed Room

Living Room

Pooja Unit

Wallpaper/Blinds/ Curtains

Ceiling & Flooring


Commercial Interior

Stunningly beautiful ideas for your floors and ceilings

If your guests starts ignoring you for your perfect ceiling and floors, don’t blame us.

Our experts give you the  sporty and latest ceiling & floor designs.

Gypsum Ceiling

This false ceiling designs comes with many benefits. Not only is it attractive, its heat resistance gives your summer days a different feel.

PVC Ceiling

A great option for ceiling is the PVC materials. It’s long lasting and sturdy. No bends or warping and hence a better choice than conventional ceiling materials that is within a budget.

VOX Ceiling

This ceilings not only give you the actual feel of a wooden layout but also will take you back to the nostalgic moments of Indian culture. A 100% waterproof and durable ceiling for your homes.

Wooden Ceiling

For those that cherish a style that never gets old and warmth that never stops are the wooden ceilings. Durable and elegantly finished for a perfect interior.

Vinyl Flooring

Synthetic and durable, popularly chosen for its charming resistance to moisture is the multilayered vinyl floorings that helps your interiors standout.

Wooden Flooring

Extremely durable are these wooden floorings and with a little proper care it can be the best choice you will ever make.

Grass Flooring

For a person that loves greenery and that naturalistic sense of beauty our experts suggest the grass flooring, durable and beautiful.